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By Tommy Acosta

Sigh. How many times do I have to repeat myself? house rulerules!

No one wants to hear the phrase No welcome rule for that implies that one has no right to govern one’s house.

It sits in the unconscious and disrupts the concept of one’s ability to rule the home.

And then there is the word “imposed” as in State-Imposed Limitation of Expenditure (SIEL).

Who the hell wants the state to impose anything on our city? Besides, who wants someone to impose anything on them, period!

To impose means “to force (something unwelcome or unknown) to be accepted or put in place”.

And the synonyms are even worse: impose, force, push, inflict, obstruct, press, incite.

The concept is unpleasant for any lover of freedom.

Yes, SIEL removes council’s right to self-approve expenditures and eliminates local control over expenditures not addressed in the budget, requiring citizens to vote to approve additional expenditures.

But then what?

SEIL is cumbersome, expensive and requires the board to spend money in a timely manner should it become necessary.

SIEL supporters believe the City is spending money frivolously and hope to limit the city’s ability to make its own budget decisions by eliminating its right to do so within state-imposed limitations, forcing the advice to put all uncovered additional expenses in the budget for public vote, even if the public does not vote on the city budget themselves…a waste of time and money.

They say it’s necessary to control the council and win back the citizens’ vote, but they forget that they don’t have a vote on the main budget either. They never had that right in the first place. It’s like trying to close the barn door after the horse has excreted.

Even if the promoters are right on the advice, the vernacular of No welcome rule denies them.

The key is to elect board members who reflect the will of the people and trust them to do the right thing. Period. No need to give up local control over our money.

No welcome rule rubs against the grain of freedom like metallic chalk on a glass blackboard while the term house rule creates all sorts of fuzzy feelings when you say it or think about it.

Ah! house rule. Isn’t it nice? The sweetness of the hearth. My house is my castle. Nothing beats the house and all that jazz.

SEIL supporters set to lose as voters huddle against house rule once again.

In the opinion of SEIL supporters, the council is populated by individuals who push small, selfish projects and keep the wool in the public eye.

Maybe in Washington but not here in Sedona. I can’t imagine any of our board members taking advantage of their position.

Throw the term “State-imposed Limit spending” in your head. The word imposed should offend any self-respecting Republican or Conservative the wrong way.

Imposed? Please. The state should not have the power to impose anything on our right of local control over our budget.

Even Democrats and Liberals would find the term repugnant. Ugh!

The effort to impose the state-imposed spending cap on the people of Sedona will fail miserably, just as it has before.

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Teresa R. Cabrera

The author Teresa R. Cabrera