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Scottish Labor have hinted that if another independence vote takes place it should include a ‘home rule’ option that could allow Scotland to stay in the UK but have more power Politics. The concept is similar to Greenland, which obtained “home settlement” from Denmark in 1979 and was seen as a stepping stone to full independence.

Greenland is responsible for the majority of policy areas, including police, the judiciary, aviation, border controls, and financial regulation and supervision.

However, Denmark still retains control over monetary policy and foreign affairs, including defense.

According to the Times, the concept was put forward by party leader Richard Leonard, who hinted that the party could support the inclusion of a third option on a ballot that would give voters the opportunity to support more than powers for Holyrood.

Mr Leonard said: “I think there is a larger point that has come out in recent months which concerns the imbalance of power that still exists.”

He argued that the UK was “still extremely centralized”, saying political power was concentrated “around the City of London and around Westminster and Whitehall”.

Sir Keir Starmer is expected to give his views on Scottish independence on Friday.

The latest poll by Ipsos Mori places Scottish Labor third in the race at Holyrood with 14 percent of constituency votes and 16 percent of regional list votes.

This means the party is expected to lose four seats next spring on current projections.

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He argued that there should not be another referendum on independence next year amid the country’s economic recovery from the pandemic, the rollout of vaccination and any new wave of coronavirus.

In response, SNP Deputy Leader Keith Brown, MSP, said: “Labor has been promising Scottish autonomy for over a century.

“Even now – facing the most extreme Conservative government in living memory, which intends to tear up the devolved regulations – they still speak the same language. “

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