Self government

Roadmap for restoring local self-government in Ukraine

The ongoing large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, launched in February 2022, has significantly affected democratic governance in Ukraine at all levels, including the well-advanced process of decentralization reform.

What are the main challenges of the local self-government system identified by the Ukrainian national authorities? How do the authorities plan to deal with this in a long-term perspective? What additional measures are needed to mitigate existing problems? Are the proposed solutions in line with the principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government?

To answer these and many other questions and in response to a request from the Parliamentary Specialized Committee on Local Self-Government, the Council of Europe’s Center of Expertise for Good Governance has prepared the Policy Opinion on the roadmap for the revival of local autonomy Consequences of the war (CEGG/PAD(2022)3 of June 30, 2022).

This comprehensive roadmap was designed by the National Council for Recovery under the Presidency of Ukraine and covers a large number of areas of social and economic life. It contains a specific sub-chapter devoted to the development of local self-government, aimed at achieving a list of four key reform objectives.

The political opinion has been prepared within the framework of the Council of Europe program “Strengthening decentralization and public administration reform in Ukraine”. Its recommendations will be further implemented in the framework of the joint initiative on “Good democratic governance in Ukraine: moving forward in a post-war context” launched on 29 June 2022 by the Council of Europe and its national partners in Ukraine: Committee, Ministry of Community and Territory Development, and the Central Election Commission.

Teresa R. Cabrera

The author Teresa R. Cabrera