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‘Panchayat Talks’ to raise awareness of local self-government

Will a local organization provide compensation for a stray dog ​​bite? Can a member of the panchayat work abroad after being elected to a local administrative body? What are the duties and responsibilities of a panchayat president? These questions seem simple to answer, but they are difficult to answer for many, including many members of local government bodies at three levels.

The Panchayat Talk Series, a comprehensive YouTube channel program to raise awareness about the three-tier local government system started by Wayanad District Panchayat member Junaid Kaippani of Vellamunda Division, focuses on answering questions from the public.

Although the Kerala Panchayati Raj Act was enacted in 1994, most members of the public are unaware of details such as the duties and responsibilities of a member of the local administrative body and the incentives provided by a grama panchayat to citizens, said Mr Kaippani, who is also the chairman of the district panchayat standing welfare committee. “I have provided such useful information in each of my two- to three-minute series to the public, including members of local bodies,” he said.

As many as 21,900 members of local administrative bodies are elected every five years in grama panchayats, block panchayats, municipalities and enterprises, but most of them lack a clear idea of ​​their duties and responsibilities. , did he declare. “When I was elected a year ago, I also faced such problems. Later, I learned that many elected officials faced such problems, and that inspired me to start the program,” Mr. Kaippani said.

A graduate in business and psychology, he said he attended a course on “decentralization and administration of local bodies” jointly offered by KILA and Sree Narayana Guru Open University for interested members of local government bodies, and it l helped launch the web series.

“I have gathered useful advice for the public after consulting books and court orders regarding issues that I would like to discuss in the episodes over the next few days,” Mr. Kaippani said, adding that the program, launched there. about nine months, was approaching 200 episodes. .

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