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Normani on his new era of ‘self-government’ and the vulnerable song ‘Fair’ (exclusive)

Normani on his new era of ‘self-government’ and the vulnerable song ‘Fair’ (exclusive)

Norman enters a new era. ET’s Denny Directo spoke to the 25-year-old singer about her latest track, “Fair,” and her decision to release music that reflects her, even if it’s not what fans expect.

“With ‘Fair’, I feel like it was really the perfect record to be vulnerable, to share my innermost thoughts and feelings and what grief feels like to me,” she said. to ET. “I’m always introducing myself. Yes, everyone knows I can dance and I can be this confident, diva performer, but there’s so much more.”

Although Normani was very attached to the song’s release, being so vulnerable was still “absolutely terrifying” to her.

“I always say it’s such a cheeky move, because I know what people want from me and I know what my fans want, but at some point it’s like, where do I put me in there?” she asked. “I know what it’s like to put out records that I don’t necessarily believe in and do things that are expected of me, but I have to put out records that really reflect the growth of the last three years that I’ve grown. I’ve had.”

Manufacturing the music video because the track was equally nerve-wracking and rewarding for the singer.

“I feel like it was therapeutic in a way. Just filming the visual was definitely triggering. It was the first time I felt like I could really tap into my acting abilities, which I’m really proud of,” she said. “I think obviously there was a little nervousness because I really have to emotionally go there and go back to where the song was written from, which was incredibly triggering and difficult.”

Normani added that “in the end, after all the tears and screams…it was really awesome. I feel like it’s one of my best. I’m proud of it.”

The success of the song and the fan response it generated made Normani more confident in her abilities.

“[I’ve learned] trust me more. Trusting my abilities and knowing that God has given me all the tools I need,” she said. “I don’t need to search for anything. I have everything I need to step into the destiny he is creating and the path he has given me, so I just need to do this.”

As she enters this period of “self-government”, Normani does not leave her fans behind, as she remains extremely grateful for their support.

“For someone who always felt very neglected and was the only black girl in a group, mentally that was a lot for me. There were times when I felt unseen and unimportant, and my vocal ability wasn’t as amazing,” she said. “To come out of it, I feel my resilience, but also the people who have been riding with me since day one. I’m so grateful for that.”

With that in mind, Normani promises her fans that the songs they’ve been waiting for are “all coming this summer.”

“It will definitely be worth the wait. Hope you like it as much as I do,” she said of her upcoming album. “I obviously spent a few years on it…I just hope they feel closer to me, honestly. That’s the beauty of music. People can interpret it any way they want, but once that it’s theirs, I hope they enjoy it.”

As they eagerly await the new music, fans can check out Normani’s version of “Take me to the ball game‘, which she recorded as part of her partnership with Cracker Jack, in the midst of their Cracker Jill campaign.

“I wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible while adding my vocal textures and leads to Normani-fy a bit,” she said of the beloved track. “It didn’t take much because it’s so classic. I didn’t want to lose the integrity of what the record was. That’s the beauty of it. It was fun, though. C was fun shooting the clip.”

As for the campaign itself, Normani is honored to be a part of it, as it celebrates the groundbreaking achievements of female athletes.

“She comes out of it with a vengeance and with full force,” Normani told ET of Cracker Jill. “It was a long time coming and I feel very late. But here we are and I’m truly honored to have been asked to be a part of such a monumental moment for the brand.”

“I was really inspired by a lot of women at a young age, whether it was in music, whether it was sports, whether it was fashion or modeling,” she added. “To me, that representation is so essential, and it’s not every day that you associate yourself with a brand that aligns with your vision and what you sincerely believe in.”

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