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Kerala Local Self-Government Department relaxes earth excavation standards for house construction

From now on, the building permit will be sufficient to prepare the specific land for foundation work by earthworks or for leveling the land.

The Department of Local Self-Government has relaxed the standards for land extraction as part of house-building activities. The building permit will be sufficient to make the specific land ready for foundation work by excavating earth or for leveling the land.

In the case of those applying for mining transit passes, details should be submitted with the construction plan when applying for the permit to the respective local body. The applicant must submit the area of ​​the land to be leveled, the quantity of soil to be extracted for construction and the dimensioned plan and sectional drawing.

Local body officials who perform site inspections before approving the building permit should also assess the area of ​​land to be excavated as submitted with the construction plan.

Subdivisions of plots

The previous requirement for a development permit for such excavations has been removed. The development permit is now only applicable in cases where subdivisions are carried out. In such cases, the development permit must also be approved together with the permit and the building plan.

In cases where a mining pass is required, a copy of the building permit and plan must be sent to the district geologist within three days of the permit being approved. During inspections at the plinth level by the officials of the local body, it should be checked whether more earth excavation than indicated in the construction plan has been carried out, in which case this should be reported to the secretary of the local body.

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