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Hong Kong police quote independence activist Gandhi in tweet, internet users are aware of the irony

Hong Kong police quoted passive resistance leader Mahatma Gandhi in a tweet calling for non-violence, the irony of which was not lost on netizens who pointed out that the activist had fought for it. independence of India.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, police shared a quote from the leader – who guided India to independence after some 200 years of British rule – that non-violence is the “greatest force available to the nation. ‘humanity’, and statistics showing the rise in violence. crime in Hong Kong over the past year.

“Taking into account 3.2% year-on-year [increase] in violent crime in Hong Kong in [the first half of 2021], let’s make #violence a thing of the past in every corner of [the world]”, We read in the tweet filled with emojis.
Calling for independence in Hong Kong can result in a life sentence under the National Security Act, which criminalizes acts considered secession.

“Free Hong Kong, revolution of our time”, a popular protest slogan chanted during the anti-extradition movement in 2019, is now considered illegal. The government said last year that the term had connotations with Hong Kong independence.

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On Twitter, Internet users were quick to laugh at the police tweet.

“Tell me that you know very little about Mahatma Gandhi without telling me that you know very little about Mahatma Gandhi”, a person wrote.

Others responded with images of police firing pepper spray at protesters from close range and hitting protesters with batons.

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