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Home rule, inflation and a peek into outer space – Orlando Sentinel

Joanie Schirm, founding chair of the GEC; Orlando 1994 World Cup Committee Chairman

Last week: CONGRATULATIONS TO NASA: Growing up in Melbourne during the birth of the space age, I closely followed the evolution of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration established in 1958. Emphasizing the peaceful applications of space science, NASA is focused on better understanding our Earth, exploring our Milky Way to unseen galaxies. Stunning first views from the James Webb Space Telescope research mission are already advancing our knowledge of the Big Bang and the birth and death of stars. Coming full circle in his stellar life, Melbourne native, former senator, astronaut and now NASA Administrator Bill Nelson hailed NASA’s greatest achievement in decades, acknowledging the global science team that made it possible .

Look forward: GOOD LUCK, LEE: Congratulations to the Florida Counties Association, representing Florida’s 67 counties in the Legislative Assembly and the Governor’s Office, for selecting Lee Constantine of Seminole County as President. For two decades, Constantine served the Seminole County Commission after serving as a state representative and senator. His passion for the environment is well known. Its dedicated support for “home rule” allows local citizens to retain the maximum opportunity to contribute to the policies, laws and decisions that affect our daily lives. The current overreach of the GOP-led Legislature and Governor has shown that they want to take power, giving us less freedom to govern locally. Good luck, Lee.

Teresa R. Cabrera

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