Georgian President says local self-government is ‘crucial’ for Georgia’s future to be democratic and strong

If Georgia wants democracy, Europeanism and to be a strong state, it needs strong regions. Local self-government is one of the crucial issues for the future of the country, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said on Saturday at the international conference on the effectiveness and challenges of local self-government in Georgia.

For the region to be strong, self-government must be real, implemented, and not just a legal framework and a strategy,” Zurabishvili said while addressing guests from Poland, the United States, the Canada and Israel.

The President noted that “a lot” has been done in this direction, including the adoption of the local self-government code and the decentralization strategy which still need to be implemented in three “main” directions – financing, transfer of ownership to local communities and participation. citizens in the decision-making and budget allocation process.

Zurabishvili stressed that Georgia must return to the “foundation” of its force – “strong” autonomous units, which had been “broken” by the Soviet system in the past and had moved the country to an “ultra-centralized” system. . “This unity, this self-government and their independence is our niche,” she added.

The main task of the platform, organized by the Georgia branch of the PL Solidarity Fund and the Association of Local Self-Government Financiers, was to assign priority strategies to the self-governing bodies of Georgia, which would enable them to better serve their citizens, enhance sustainable and better guide the collective vision of local self-government in the country.

Teresa R. Cabrera

The author Teresa R. Cabrera