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Dispute between agriculture and local self-government services over LIFE The mission continues – KERALA – GENERAL

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The dispute between agriculture and local self-government departments over verifying new applications for LIFE Mission, the government’s free housing program, continues to escalate. While the local self-government department has claimed that agriculture department employees will come forward for verification of new claims, the agriculture department has maintained that it will not provide farm assistants for the process. of verification.

Previously, the local self-government department issued an order deploying agricultural assistants to verify applications. However, the crisis started when the Agriculture Ministry issued an order stating that it would not provide farm assistants for non-farm purposes. With this, the draft list could not be released on December 1. Following this, the chief secretary called a meeting of senior officials and staff representatives of the two departments to resolve the issue. However, the meeting, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday, was postponed until the last minute. Meanwhile, on the same day, at a meeting held at the CM office without the knowledge of the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, it was decided to carry out the verification with the help of agricultural assistants. The local self-government department hopes that a decree will be issued soon in this regard. This will invalidate the order issued earlier by the director of agriculture and force agricultural assistants to go for verification. In this case, officials of the Department of Agriculture can call a strike.

The Agriculture Department alleges that panchayat employees were excluded from the duty of verification in about 80 percent of panchayats. Employees informed the minister that if agricultural assistants are deployed for verification, activities such as crop damage assessment, crop insurance and the distribution of one crore of fruit plants will stop.


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