Canada and Shíshálh Nation Mark Royal Assent of Historic Self-Government Legislation

OTTAWA, ON, June 24, 2022 /CNW/ – The Honorable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, and hiwus Warren Paul of the shíshálh nation, announced that Bill S-10, which modernizes from Canada recognition of self-government for the Shishalh Nation, received Royal Assent in Parliament on June 23, 2022.

This legislation, both symbolically and concretely, transforms the relationship between Canada and the shishalh nation. The bill updates the 1986 law, removing the anglicized name and changing to Shíshálh Nation Self-Government Act.

Other changes include:

  • Harmonize the Self-Government Act with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,
  • remove antiquated oversight provisions that are not required under modern self-government agreements,
  • affirming legislative powers over social and welfare services, including child and family services for all members of the Shíshálh Nation, and
  • allowing the establishment of a new land registry for the registration of interests in shíshálh lands, as an alternative to the Indian Act Reserve land register.

Canada is committed to working with Indigenous partners to implement their inherent right to self-determination and support their visions of a better future for their communities.

This legislation will build on the work of the Shíshálh Nation to help them achieve their inspiring visions of a better future for their citizens. This represents another important step in renewing our nation-to-nation relationship and the self-determination of the shishalh nation.


“I want to acknowledge that this legislation is the result of years of work by the shíshálh nation and commend them for the results of their perseverance and hard work. With these amendments, Canada take positive steps to support the self-determination of the shíshálh nation.”

The Honorable Marc Miller
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

“This is an important day in the history of our nation. The changes to the law are helping to reset our nation-to-nation relationship and seek further reconciliation. Shishalh has been a leader for many decades. We let’s continue to show how Indigenous self-determination can dramatically improve the lives of Nation members while promoting economic growth in the greater community.”

Hi Warren Paul of the shishalh nation

Fast facts

  • In 1986, the shíshálh nation became the first indigenous nation Canada achieve self-government under the Sechelt Indian Band Self-Government Act.
  • For three years, Canada also worked with the shíshálh nation on amendments to their self-government law.

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