The self-government team of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation wants to create a new logo that will represent their vision for the future.

Blaze Commanda, administrative assistant for the First Nation’s self-government team, says the new logo should balance the traditional governance principles of the Anishinaabe and Algonquin peoples, while blending them with “contemporary realities.” The team is looking for Anishinaabe creativity and talent among the artists who present themselves. Overall, Commanda and the team want an amazing piece of Indigenous art, something that makes people happy and excited for the future.

The search for the logo comes as the Algonquin First Nation of Pikwakanagan negotiates a self-government agreement with the Province of Ontario and the Government of Ontario. Currently, the First Nation is governed by the Indian Act, which is one of the oldest colonial laws. Commanda calls the legislation restrictive, controlling and does not give the Algonquins the freedom to determine their own future. The new agreement aims to enable them to be independent and to govern their own people, lands, waters and resources. This logo will be on everything from websites, advertisements and presentations in the future.

Currently, the team is looking to select an artist by reviewing their work. Commanda says the selection process is anonymous in order to discourage favoritism. Once the deadline arrives, the team will choose the top 3 and then try to come to a consensus on who to choose. The process will be non-political, with the chief and council members not being involved in the selection process. They will review their skill level and old artwork, and the selected winner will then be tasked with creating the logo.

The deadline is July 15th. Applicants can find the email here to get started.