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Alberta Métis Conclude Historic Assembly Advancing Self-Government

More than 55,000 Métis citizens will vote on the Constitution this fall

Over the weekend, the Métis Nation of alberta held its 94e Annual general meeting at Calgary, where delegates voted overwhelmingly in favor of moving forward with a province-wide ratification vote on a draft constitution for the Métis Nation in alberta.

The draft Constitution was tabled in the Assembly by the MNA Constitution Committee after two and a half years of extensive community engagement that included focus groups, community gatherings, hearings, written comments and a project already released. Additional information on the MNA Constitutional Commission and the engagement process can be found at

For generations, our elders, our citizens and our communities have told us that we must opt ​​out of provincial legislation and govern ourselves according to our inherent right to self-government and Métis traditions and laws.“, declared the president of the MNA Audrey Poitras. “With this draft Constitution, we can now implement what Louis Riel and our ancestors fought for: our inherent right to govern ourselves. I look forward to all of our citizens exercising their democratic right to decide whether we will finally adopt our own constitution.”

The resolution directs the MLA to place the final draft constitution of the Métis Government of Otipemisiwak “into the hands of all the citizens of the MLA” and that a province-wide ratification vote including the vote by ballot box, mail and online take place in the fall of 2022. A copy of the full resolution is available on the Member’s website.

Over the coming months, the MNA Constitutional Commission will hold further briefings to present the draft Constitution that will be subject to the province-wide ratification vote. In addition, the MP will undertake a province-wide information campaign to ensure that all of its more than 55,000 citizens are aware of the ratification vote and have the option to vote by ballot box or online voting. .

All citizens are encouraged to update their contact information with the MNA Registry by calling 1-800-267-5844 or visiting this link. This will allow Citizens to update their MLA Registry file and indicate their preference as to how they would like to vote.

Teresa R. Cabrera

The author Teresa R. Cabrera